Chris Wallace


Chris Wallace’s Many Names Quartet sampler.

Chris Wallace’s Many Names Quartet play “Alone Together” at Hart House in Toronto ON. Jeff King – sax, Adrean Farrugia – keys, Ross Macintyre – bass, Chris Wallace – drums.

Performing on “Adam Hills Tonight” with Ali McGregor. Melbourne June 2013.

Taken from Julienne Taylor’s “Live at the Lyric” DVD. Hong Kong Sept 24, 2011.

NeWt performing the track “Saxa Vord”. Taken from their new CD/DVD “NeWt North”, Live in Shetland.

Breach play “Makedonsko”. Borders album session. Edinburgh SCE studios. July 2012.

Short preview film of the NeWt North Shetland project. Produced by Inner Ear. 2012

Breach at the Spice of Life. Soho. London Jazz Festival 2012.
Performing: “There it Is”, “On the Walk” and “Roon Toon”.

Promotional video for the 2010 release of “Looking Glass” by Loose Grip.

NeWt and Silke Eberhard play “Out of the Box” Edinburgh Jazz Festival 2010.

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